BZSolutions is the ideal partner for telecommunications operators and ICT companies in the design, development and management of flexible and innovative solutions TLC. And able to offer integrated telecommunications services and global ICT solutions in order to maximize the benefits of technology investments by telecommunications operators, businesses and government.
BZSolutions is an Italian alternative telecommunications operator licensed and is also a leading provider of security solutions and services. Our offer covers all aspects of security in communications, from the access devices to the more complex systems of ICT security.

Our Mission

Satisfying our Partners through continuous activities of design, development and management of innovative end-to-end, aimed at creating added value chain of business processes.

Cost saving and profit maximization of our Partners the are important goals for us, that permits us to invest on the innovative technologies.

Synergies with the most important research universities, for increasing BZSolutions team skills.

We Are

Dynamic Telco company, strongly oriented to the development and introduction of new technologies and innovative contents in Telecommunication enviroments. Our goal is to introduce new technologies and contents to solve problems so far unsolved or poorly developed, to create opportunities and solutions with high added value. Develop and deliver innovative solutions to Telco-Technology dedicated fixed-mobile operators. Maintaining a strong interest in research and quality that allows BZsolutions to be an innovative partner in these markets. BZSolutions is an innovative national Voip operator license TLC in Italy.

What We See

Being a leading player in the Telco-Technology solutions for fixed-mobile, researching, planning and implementing technological solutions that enable our customers to communicate and exchange information wherever and whoever are, saving money and increasing their profits! BZSolutions considers technological development, as a real key to resolving inefficiencies business!