Security & Penetration test

Your business is characterized by change: adapting to consumer preferences, expanding or changing your business models, and incorporating new technologies like broadband, VoIP, mobile and wireless. It is paramount to maintain customer trust as more information moves into the cloud.

Protect your internal network or roll-out new services to your customers based on log and security management technology. Cyber-piracy and e-crime are rampant and target large-scale customer databases. Law enforcement expects to have access to historical communications transport data to combat cyber-terrorism.

The BZSolutions Management platform forms the foundation enabling complete visibility for security purposes, but also for the fine-tuning and troubleshooting of advanced communications services. You can even analyze usage patterns of new services through log data. It is the only platform certified for Telco-grade reliability.

BZSolutions deals for several years, with success, the implementation of TLC networks and in particular the management,  storage and protection of sensitive data for IT infrastructures and data centers.

BZSolutions’ experience  is constantly improving in research and development of sophisticated storage systems for individual and corporate information protection on digital media and detection of potential vulnerability of storage systems and networking, by possible accesses unwanted from internal or external to organizations.